1. Introduction

Fourteen55 Media, LLC. is pleased to present this proposal to Buckeye Hills Regional Council and Southeast Ohio Aging & Disability Resource Network (ADRN) for the purpose of shooting and editing a series of marketing videos featuring their programs within their service area.

2. About Our Company

Launched in 2018, Fourteen55 Media is a media and marketing content production firm located in Marietta Ohio. At our core, we are an advertising content production firm. But in today's complex digital media world, we are poised to produce media content across any medium. Operating as a production firm, we have the networks available to hire the best freelancers, creative professionals and operators to produce any project large or small and across every medium. Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience and over 50 awards for our creative work. Our team members have been involved with a variety of media projects both large and small, worldwide broadcasts, live events, and have had the opportunity to produce literally thousands of media projects with our clients.

3. Scope of the Project

This project will serve as a foundation and provide content for future media projects and campaigns. This project will provide Buckeye Hills’ Southeast Ohio Aging & Disability Resource Network with video, photography and design elements which will be deployed both online and on terrestrial media.  Our firm will develop approximately 3-5 videos, project supportive photography, and requested design elements to provide key information and a call to action for prospective clients and audience. Our intent is to create three separate projects: A brand awareness ad, an ad focused on the Home Energy Assistance Program, and another for the Medicare “Extra Help” Program.

4. Pre-Production: A critical flaw in many productions is concentrating too much on the finished product while forgetting about the planning phase.  Our firm will devote several hours of our time developing our plan for production, working with your firm refining the goals and scope of this project, fine-tuning our approach to reach your audience, and mastering our approach to creating content that successfully shares your message while at the same time promoting your brand.

5. Script: Fourteen 55 Media has the experience to write effective, informative and functional scripts. Our firm will develop scripts that achieve the goals established for this project. Our team will work with your team to ensure our scripts align with your message, brand and project goals.

6. Production: Fourteen55 Media will deploy three-member crews for this project . Our crew will include a DP, Gaffer/Audio, & Producer. We will deploy A/B cameras to ensure we document each scene with multiple angles to achieve desired effects. Professional audio tools will be used for quality audio. And production lighting is both a necessity and a passion for our crews and our approach to lighting greatly benefits our final product.  As the pre-production phase of this project concludes, we will be able to better define how many days, locations and on-air talent we will require to achieve the goals of the project.

7. Post-Production: Our firm uses the latest Adobe software on the market. Our edit suites are fully functional and able to produce any vision a client can imagine. Every attention to detail will be given to ensure we produce a product that your firm, as well as ours, will be proud to show off. We will provide the voice-over talent and also provide you with 3 complete revisions and/or changes to every edit to ensure each project is exactly how you expected.  

8. Cost: Our firm intends to produce a national level quality product that represents your brand. Our job as a media content production firm goes far beyond simply producing content. Our job is to protect and promote the brands that our clients have worked hard to produce. To do an effective job, this project will require a lot of man-hours to produce the product we all expect. It is in our opinion, that this product's budget should be set to $6,500. Generally we require a 40 percent down payment on projects exceeding $1,000.

9. Next Steps

Our firm is built to handle large scale projects such as this. We know the best and we hire the best. Let us showcase our talents and achieve the goals you have in mind. Our next step should be another meeting to discuss finer details and develop a schedule, deadlines and key dates for this project.