Be a part of up to 40 Live Marietta College Athletic Broadcasts!

2019-2020 Fall and Winter Sports


In partnership with Marietta College Athletics, Fourteen55 Media will live stream up to 40 games during the Fall and Winter sports season. Our coverage will include Men’s Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse, as well as Women’s Volleyball, Basketball, and Lacrosse. All of our coverage includes up to 6 cameras, live replays, entertaining on-air talent, and social media engagement that allows our viewers to be a part of the broadcasts.

Over 65,000 Viewers!


The All-Pioneer Package: as low as $450/mo

Sign up for the Fall/Winter All-Pioneer Package and get huge discounts off our retail price! The All-Pioneer Package gets you 1 x 30 second commercial in all of our fall & winter sports coverage. Each additional advertising slot is only $75 and can be added at anytime! All-Pioneer Package cannot be combined with Key Sponsorship Opportunities. Monthly installments will begin in August and end in April.

Traditional Ad $125/per ad

Run your video commercial during our shows! Each advertising slot is 30 seconds in length - no limit to the number of advertising slots you can buy.

Buy 3 ads per show and get 1 free. Space is limited! Schedule is available by request.

Don’t have a commercial? No problem. Fourteen55 Media can produce your commercial for you. Or for an additional charge, we can do a live read on air during the event. Contact us for details.


“Brought To You By” Sponsor $1500/game

5 game minimum commitment required

Inclusion in press releases and event programs

Free Web Ad on all of our platforms

4 x 30-second commercials per show, plus 4 billboard runs

Limited to 4 sponsors only!

Added Value Sponsorship Opportunities

(Includes 1 x 30 second commercial per show)

Scoreboard Sponsor $600/game

Pre-game Sponsor $600/game

Half-time Sponsor $600/game

Post-game Sponsor $600/game


By 2020, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic.

Where To Watch Our Live Streams: Fourteen55 Live content will be available on our website, Vimeo, YouTube & Facebook sites. Our content will also be syndicated to our host school's website and social platforms. Finally, we will partner with other local, highly visible sites and syndicate our programs to them as well.

Our reach is 50k Viewers, Live & On-Demand!

How Many People Will We Reach: Each show we produce will reach an average of 50,000 online viewers. How? With our technology and ability to syndicate our programs with our great partners, we can reach a minimum of 50,000 online viewers for each program we produce.

80% of internet and mobile audience watched more live video in 2017 vs 2016.

What Makes Us Different: Our Experience is our greatest asset! One of our founders works for ESPN and the other has 28 years of live TV experience. Our HD Mobile Studio is the most capable truck in Southeast Ohio.

87% of people would prefer to watch online video if it gives them more behind-the-scenes content.

Why People Will Watch: We are developing our strategy to maximize our viewer engagement that only being online can create! We are creating a unique viewing experience that does more than document an event, but actually allows our viewers to be a part of our shows by incorporating live social media interaction.

Contact Alyson, our Director of Marketing & Sales for more details at (304) 482-9526 or

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